Learn The Correct Of Writing An Essay Conclusion

Are you tired of getting a poor grade on your essay even after you put in so much effort and research?
Wondering what it is that you aren’t doing correctly?
Ever thought that it could be the way you end the essay?
This is where most students go wrong because they’re in such a hurry to finish and submit the paper. By the time they reach the conclusion, they just end it abruptly without realizing the importance of a strong, well thought out the concluding paragraph. Most of them provide free essay writing service so you don’t have to worry about having to pay a large sum of money.
If you’re someone who has the habit of ending the essay in a rush, then it is essential that you understand the importance of the conclusion.
You can only score a good grade on your essay when it is consistent and the reader feels a sense of closure and completion, which is only possible with a strong conclusion.
The last thing that you leave the reader with is a concluding paragraph, so make sure that it is worth remembering.
Here are some ways that you can end your essay without making it sound too abrupt.
If you’re good at writing strong, attention-grabbing introductions, then you can use that for the conclusion. Don’t simply copy-paste it, or change a few words.
Use the ideas discussed in the introduction end the essay discussing the importance of the topic and your take on it. Always link it to the point that you started from and make it a full-circle.
Since this is the last chance for you to convince the reader, go through each body paragraph thoroughly. List down the main ideas and arguments that support your thesis statement. Use them to come up with a strong conclusion.
If you want the reader to remember your essay, always leave them with a thought-provoking question or a course of action that they should implement.
Here is the correct essay conclusion outline that you must follow.
Topic sentence – the topic sentence is the opening of your last paragraph. The best way is to start with a thesis statement without repeating it word for word. Rephrase it without introducing any new ideas.
Supporting sentence – the supporting statement should highlight the main ideas according to the argument and how they all relate to one another.
Closing sentence – this is the last sentence that you leave with the reader. Therefore, it needs to be strong and worth remembering. You can suggest a course of action, an interesting quote, or a question to ponder over.
Things to avoid when writing the essay conclusion.
  • Don’t present new or contradicting information at this phase.
  • No need of repeat all ideas discussed in the conclusion.
  • Don’t start the conclusions with phrases such as “To conclude, In conclusion…”
  • Don’t present supporting evidence here.
This was everything you needed to know about writing essay conclusions. If you're still confused about what to include in your conclusion, you can get in touch with a professional essay writer.